About Us

David Churchill Mathews      Award-winning contractor with 30+ years experience in residential remodeling. Thorough knowledge of building systems includes structural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems, as well as exterior and interior finishes. Working with top-notch architects and interior designers gave me an appreciation for the aesthetic side of building as well. I became a creative problem-solver, as some "surprises" and unforeseen conditions always arise in remodeling.

     Partnering with intelligent, considerate and fastidious craftsmen has taught me to be a good communicator who can motivate for best results. If it's referrals to good people you need, I have them.

     I can advise and guide a homeowner through the puzzling path of product choices and budget decisions to the successful completion of a project. I schedule jobs in MS Project, which builds easy-to-understand Gannt charts, a critical path approach to scheduling. I'm also proficient in MS Office, as I write well in Word and price jobs on Excel spreadsheets.

     I also offer a Home Maintenance Service, a program of assessment and prescription that can keep your home in tip-top shape. After a visit to and inspection of your home, I produce a report that prioritizes smaller repairs as well as forecasting larger ones. This program emphasizes inexpensive energy-efficiency upgrades and improvements and is based on the rock-solid fact that proactive maintenance costs far less than the reactive variety.

     Handyman services? Can do. Carpentry, drywall repair, painting, tilework as well as minor electrical, plumbing and mechanical work are all things I can do. If I don't think I'm capable of the task, I'll refer you to a pro.